We Create Human-Centered Solutions
that Empower Organizations and Communities.

At CoReate, we redefine what work means by putting people and communities at the center of everything we do.

Our Methodology

Our human-centered problem-solving approach is an iterative cycle consisting of four phases: research, design, testing, and development, with the people at the heart of each step. Grounded in data and inspired by empathy, this process enables us to identify the right problem, and craft brilliant solutions to challenges faced by organizations and communities across a multitude of industries.

Selected Projects

Our team has rich experience working with diverse clients, including non-profits, government organizations, and small businesses.

What We Do Best

Leveraging the power of design thinking and systems thinking, we generate intuitive, sustainable and human-centric solutions, and equip organizations and communities with the tools they need to combat complex systematic challenges.

Research + Design

Business Strategy + Consulting

With a holistic and iterative approach, we discover critical problems and challenges faced by people, and strategize user-centered solutions to support organizations and communities.

We help organizations and communities navigate change seamlessly to ensure systems and processes become more human-centered, efficient and effective over time.

Our Team

Our team is joined by compassionate collaborators and problem-solvers with a deep passion for building effective products and services that improve people’s lives. Ranging from designers and researchers to analysts and consultants, we utilize our extensive domain expertise across User Experience (UX) research, design, business, and information systems to turn innovative concepts into real-world solutions that generate meaningful impact.

Past Involvements

Great organizations, across all industries, trust our talents. We have collaborated with great organizations across many industries, to launch products and services that have made a real difference in our communities. 


We embrace the following core values when developing impactful solutions to support organizations and communities:

We believe in the power of empathy to guide our problem-solving approach. By intimately understanding the needs of our clients, project stakeholders, and most crucially, the end-users, we craft solutions that deeply resonate with the people.


By harnessing the power of data analytics, we optimize processes, enhance efficiency, and drive innovation while ensuring that our strategies and recommendations are grounded in concrete insights, resulting in the best outcomes for our users.

Ethical + Sustainable

We are driven to create benevolent and long-lasting solutions for the people we serve. This encompasses considerations such as privacy and security to create hassle-free and long-term solutions that protect communities.


Our problem-solving approach focuses on thinking outside the box collaboratively to push boundaries, and find fresh solutions to age-old problems. We stay on the forefront of technology that drives transformative performance improvements to help organizations and communities grow.

Core Values
Work with Us

Whether you are an organization striving for transformation, a community in need of support, or an individual seeking to make a difference, CoReate is here to help. Together, we can empower individuals and uplift communities to reach their potential, and to build a brighter, more equitable world. Let us create a more innovative, ethical, and sustainable future together.