Bloodworks Northwest

Eligibility Checker for Blood Donors

01: Delivered an interactive high-fidelity prototype for an innovative new feature that allows prospective donors to assess, and learn about, their eligibility to donate remotely seamlessly

02: New feature was presented to client’s executive team and has been adopted as a critical new feature of their nationwide operations on their website

03: In 2023 alone, the feature was used by 250,000+ blood donors nationwide

Major Outcomes



Generative Research | Wireframing | Usability Testing | High-fidelity Mockups & Prototype

A leading blood bank in the Pacific Northwest sought our help, wanting to attract more young audiences to donate in the Greater Seattle Area. Bloodworks Northwest engaged our co-founding team (then working under the Young Leaders’ Program) and their team members for a targeted strategy.

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*The case study is for informational purposes only. Content and illustrations represent our perspective, not necessarily the client's views. The client may make adjustments before launch. All client branding elements are owned by the client or our company, and unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

The Big Question

How might we raise awareness around blood donation in the college student population and encourage donations in the Chinese Community?

The Process

The team started the project by doing thorough research about the organization and the users, including conducting a SWOT analysis, interviews, and surveys. From the insights that prevailed, the team then formulated two main design requirements to ideate potential solutions: educate the blood donation process at the blood bank and address uncertainty about donor eligibility.

Those solutions were combined into low-fidelity wireframes which were tested with the target user group. Upon refining the designs with the valuable user feedback, we then create a comprehensive set of high-fidelity mockups that we also converted into an interactive prototype.

The Final Product

By adopting a user-centered design approach, the team successfully created an effective solution to address the overarching question. The solution educates and encourages college students to donate blood and resolves blockades in the registration process.


The first screen communicates the importance and impact of blood donation. This intends to educate our users about the power of blood donation and encourage them to contribute to the cause.


This screener page collects basic profile information about the user, such as age, gender, and weight, which can be used to filter out questions that are not applicable to the user. This feature would simplify the overall process.


The questionnaire includes a question about the country of travel within the past three years. This design addresses the concern that students were unsure about their eligibility due to their travels. The input country(s) will be assessed on its risk to Malaria, an important eligibility requirement.


This screen shows a feature that clarifies unfamiliar terms, including a language translation to help users understand the term better and answer questions confidently and efficiently on the go.

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