The City of Seattle Office of Labor Standards (OLS) | Ethnic Chamber of Commerce Coalition (ECCC)

Digital Tool for Labor Law Education

01: Delivered a web-based labor laws education tool praised and approved by the OLS and ECCC

02: Tool has been helping the OLS spread information for 5+ years and garners hundreds of visits and impressions every month

03: Entrusted to manage the website and site analytics for the past five years

Major Outcomes



Background Research | User Flow | Low-fidelity Wireframes | Usability Testing | Platform Creation

The OLS designs and enforces a set of labor laws to protect Seattle employees’ rights. Our team was engaged by one of OLS’ partnering organizations, the ECCC. Our task was to create, deploy, and maintain a self-service digital education tool to help the OLS ensure small businesses have current and accurate information about labor laws and how to stay compliant.

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*The case study is for informational purposes only. Content and illustrations represent our perspective, not necessarily the client's views. The client may make adjustments before launch. All client branding elements are owned by the client or our company, and unauthorized use is strictly prohibited.

The Big Question

How might we design a tool that provide up-to-date and clear labor law information for small business owners?

The Process

Like all engagements, the team started with a thorough assessment of the current situation to identify areas of focus. From there, to understand our user group better, we conducted in-person observations involving 2000+ businesses across 15+ major industries to understand challenges that they facing.

Upon synthesizing the insights, we collaborated to create a user flow that highlights how a user would navigate through our proposed solution and utilized that as a base for creating wireframes. In order to ensure the product makes sense to the user, we then conducted usability testing sessions with the draft tool. The draft tool was determined to be a website as it required the lowest lift and was more versatile than other options, such as an app. From the testing, we gathered important feedback that we used to polish our final tool before presenting it to our client.

The Final Product

The final tool successfully fulfilled the client's ask. The versatility of a website allowed immediate updates and flexible access to labor law information for small business owners. In addition, they are provided with contact information for a diverse team of outreach officers, who can offer them personalized help if desired.


The homepage of the website offers context for what the website's goals are as well as different pathways for the user depending on their familiarity with labor laws.


The team carefully divided the convoluted laws into smaller chunks with interactive checkpoints, so users can understand the information better. This one showcases one of the chunks: having workplace posters for the current year in their businesses.


As our purpose is to help out small businesses, we also offered a special section for businesses to promote themselves leveraging the traffic that comes to the site.


The last page offers a handy list of people the user can reach out too for further information or specific inquiries. The user can select the person they feel most comfortable talking to.

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